The Instructions of Our Prophet Muhammad

Praise be to Allah who sent His messenger accompanied with guidelines, knowledge and believe, and strengthen him with valid proofs and real information. He make His messenger as the guideline and blessing for the universe.

We believe in Allah, The One and Only God who deserve to be worshipped, The King, The Most True and Real. We believe that Muhammad is His servant and messenger, the leader of the devouted people and the noblest messenger. Dear Allah, may Your bless be to Muhammad as well as his family and his noble friends.

Amma ba’ad. Alas human kind, be Taqwa to Allah by knowing what is right and follow it, by knowing what is wrong then try to avoid it. Allah have sent Muhammad Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam as the blessing for the universe and the guideline for the devouted people.

Allah have sent him (Muhammad), bringing useful science, the true arguments and worthwhile guide. It makes us know our foolish and Muhammad gives guideline from great loss. There is nothing left for the basic of religion which hasn’t been explained. Also, nothing is left by Muhammad which he hasn’t built the foundation and the pillar of science.

Science which is shahih is science which is built up on the theorem, a useful knowledge and science is brought by Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam. His Syariat is perfect, it include all previous syariat and at complete them. His Sunnah explains the problem of religion and the world and explains it. His syariat is used to reach justice and kindliness for those who are tawakal.

Allah Ta’ala said, “…But who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than Allah?” (Al-Ma’idah [5]: 50).

His laws for the problem of religios service and mu’amalah (social interaction) are the best laws. He condemns every goodthing is useful and lawful, and every bad thing is dangerous and illicit. His science and syariat load all worthwhile charitable and knowledge and shahih, and brings every thing which common sense and fitrah. There haven’t been and there will never be science which shahih deny what has been brought by Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam. Even all the sciences witness his truth and his sincerity. All of the sciences confess the perfection and his seniority.

Hence the entire mind look for the hidayah and role model with his utterance and his attitude, confessing their requirement to him in every condition. He is the most glorious human being in the case of his suavity and patience, he is the one who is the most forgiveful, he gathers the most mustering kindliness, makruf and donation.

He mustering his generousity, kindliness with his science, charitable, deed and expectation. He is also giving guide line to human being to the truth in every circumstance. And with that he fulfills people’s hearth with the blessing, kindliness and ihsan. He sends the them to the bliss and victory, either through stealthty and also outspokenly. He never leaves one single kindliness without giving them explanation. Also he never leaves one single badness without warning them.

Our prophet Muhammad has shown them the noble morality, and has warned them to be aware of the hateful things. Our prophet recommends them so that they have careful view for anything syubhat, and use the perfect mind when their desire of lust runs hight. He has shown what is bravery in every thing even if they have to remove all troubles, and likes giving something even only for a few of palm fruits.

(Retype from book “Mahir Khotbah 3 Bahasa, writer: Allamah al-Qushaim, Preface: Syaikh Abdurrahman bin Nashir as-Sa’di).

Retype by Abu Aslam bin Syahmir

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